Toledo Children’s Hospital – Toledo, Ohio
                                                                                       August, September, October 2015
Dear Bennett’s Beavers,
On behalf of our hospitalized children and their families:Toledo Pic 1

We are in awe of your talents and themed designs!  You have contributed so much to “Medicine For Their Spirit’!

Enclosing a photo of Gregory for sharing.  He painted the solid colors and his Mom focused on details.  She wanted to express how much positive diversion these woodcuts provided.  This reduced their stress of hospitalization and offered a positive Mother/Son experience.

With Gratitude,
Kate Schwan,
Child Life Specialist
Toledo Children’s Hospital

St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

On behalf of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, I’d like to thank you for the donation of wooden cutouts for the patients at St Jude. We look forward to the “Beaver” box to come with all sorts of creations. Thank you to your volunteers, their giving spirit, the continued support of our mission, and for reserving a special place for the children of St Jude in your heart

Tracey Remscheid
Child Life Administrative Assistant
St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

Cincinnati Children’s Hospital 

The designs of the wood cutouts are awesome! Dolphins, horses, swans go over big with the patients, as well as cars and trains which the boys love. The seasonal items were great this year. Thank you for putting smiles on the faces of our patients and their families

Lisa Hall
Child Life Department
Cincinnati Children’s Hospital

Children’s Hospital of Michigan 

It takes a village to heal a child. Thanks to the efforts of Mr Bennett and those whom he has required to assist with his projects, more young people served by Children’s are leading happier, healthier lives. These toys help our kids be kids, not patients, for a portion of the day.

Herman Gray, M. D., M.B.A.
President, Children’s Hospital of Michigan

Riley Hospital in Indianapolis

August 8, 2018

Dear Bennett’s Beavers,
I am a volunteer at Riley Hospital in Indianapolis. I just wanted to take a minute to say a sincere thank you to everyone that helps in the process of making your woodwork available to children at the hospital. I imagine it’s quite a process from the first cut of wood to the packing and shipping. Please let everyone know that it doesn’t go unnoticed.

One of the highlights of my job is to let a child pick out a piece of wood and paint it. Their excitement starts from just the selection process and continues until they have created their “masterpiece “. Normally the proud parents look on with a smile of approval and a look of gratitude. That smile and look is for you also, you made it possible.

These “masterpieces “ eventually go to the child’s home and become a reminder of part of the better time spent at the hospital. Thanks again to everyone for making their time and talents available.

Dennis Piggott

Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

September 22, 2018

My name is Shalini and I got your email address from Child Life Services at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. My daughter, Aria was diagnosed at 8 months with a rare disease, and we have been in a out of the hospital for the past 4 years. With God’s grace, she is doing very well today.

I’m reaching out to you because every time we have been in the hospital- we paint the wonderful wooden creations that you craft. They are so beautiful and when I found out that each one was handmade, I was so touched. They are just so whimsical and I was inspired thinking about a complete stranger making these little wooden shapes with so much care and attention to detail to brighten our hospital stay. We have painted so many by now. Thank you.

McLaren Northern Michigan Regional Hospital

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